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In the digital economy, the power of networks is the new currency. Connections and relationships are key to success. They help drive business development and innovation through collaboration with people we know. The SAP Alumni Network’s vision is to unite and reunite all people who work or worked for SAP.

Join the Network now and together we can develop and maintain trustful relationships that go beyond business boundaries.

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Help the world run better and improve people’s lives. This is the high purpose that unites all of us who have served under the banner of SAP at any point in our careers.

In that spirit, I welcome you to the SAP Alumni Network and wholeheartedly encourage you to join it. We all know the power of networks in this digital economy. Connections make us stronger and give us the ability to see the world through the unique perspectives of our connected peers. I’m very proud that thousands of women and men around the world shaped their own futures with SAP. The SAP Alumni Network is our opportunity to come together, to celebrate the company we love and to keep in touch with all the people who made it so special. Thank you for visiting!

Bill McDermott CEO, SAP